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Watch Sleepy Hollow (2013) Online Free

Sleepy Hollow (2013)

Scene begins in the middle of some kind of battle. Looks like revolutionary war times. Red coats vs…

Creators: Phillip Iscove, Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Len Wiseman

Stars: Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Orlando Jones

Genres: Adventure | Drama | Fantasy | Mystery | Thriller

Production Co: Sketch Films, Kurtzman Orci Paper Products, 20th Century Fox Television Release

Date: 16 September 2013 (USA)


Watch Sleepy Hollow (2013) Online Free

Watch Sleepy Hollow (2013) STORYLINE

Scene begins in the middle of some kind of battle. Looks like revolutionary war times. Red coats vs. blue coats. A blue coat shoots his gun at the red coats hiding behind a tree. He comes out and feels the pulse of a fallen comrade. Another soldier suddenly yells, “CRANE!!” while pointing to something behind him. A red coat soldier riding a pale white horse jumps over a small barrier. He looks pretty menacing and his face is completely covered with some kind of clothe. Crane shoots him on this shoulder with his gun and the red coat falls off his horse. Instead of staying down, he simply rises back up like he is not even hurt. Crane has a ‘WTF’ look on his face. The red coat takes out this huge halberd and takes a swipe at Crane. The camera zooms in on the tatoo or some kind burn mark on the red coat’s hand. Looks like a bow of some type. The red coat swings his halberd and slices open Crane’s chest. As Crane is about to fall, he swings his sword cutting the red coat’s head off. Crane falls down as does the headless horseman.. Everything fades to black. We hear a woman’s voice saying that they don’t have much time… Suddenly we see Crane’s hands burst out of the ground like he has been buried alive. Jars containing snakes, frogs and other weird things start to break around him.. He is in some kind of cave. Crane stumbles around and touches one of the rocks which magically opens the cave to the outside world. It is all foggy everywhere when he comes out and looks to be morning or afternoon. He wanders around and suddenly notices that he is now walking on asphault. He touches it wondering what in the world is going now. Suddenly a huge semi track zooms by nearing hitting him. Another car drives by clips him with the rear view mirror. We see a hawk of some kind land on a sign which says: Sleepy Hollow population 144,000 Crane runs away from the scene into the fog. Cut to a scene with the sheriff talking to his deputy at some diner. It is now nighttime. The deputies name is Abbie. They joke around about this and that. The deputy is suppose to be leaving for Quantico next month. She has been accepted to the FBI. She is excited but the sheriff asks her if she is just running away. He jokes with her that she is going to miss all of this… They receive a call that something is scaring the horses at some dude’s farm. As they are leaving the diner, they pass a priest who is sitting in the booth behind them. The sheriff and pastor greet each other. They drive down there to check it out thinking it is probably just wolves or something. They drive to the farm and suddenly there is wind, lightning and thunder every. Feels like some scene from a Tim Burton movie. The sheriff tells Abbie to go and look for the owner while he goes to check out the horses. Abbie knocks on their door and there is no one home. She walks around and finds a rifle on the ground. Next to the rifle, she finds the body of the owner missing his head. She radios the sheriff telling him that the owner is dead. The transmission kind of breaks up. The sheriff looks up and sees the headless horseman walk out of the stable with a white horse. He looks pretty freaked out and starts to unload his gun on him. It does not seem to phase him. By the time Abbie reaches the barn, the huge blade from the halberd comes through the wall. The headless horseman comes out and rides away. Abbie sees everything and notices the bow shaped burn or tattoo on the horseman’s hand. When she goes into the barn, the sheriff is dead. He has also been beheaded. She radios out that officer is down… In town another deputy is in his car and almost hits Crane. For reasons unknown at the time, he immediately arrest Crane for the murder of the sheriff. In the morning, they have Crane locked up. Abbie tells that he is not the person who killed the sheriff. They hook him up to a lie detector and start asking him questions. He tells them that his name is Ichabod Crane and he is a spy for General Washington. He had a wife named Katrina. He was with the British army but once he saw what was happening, he became a spy. How he thought he had died since his chest was sliced open, etc… He is surprised to find out that so much time has passed and has no idea what is going on. He passes the lie detector tests. Everyone thinks that he is crazy. They are going to put him in a psychiatric ward. Abbie asks the captain if she could interview him once. He refuses but she tells him that she wants closure since her partner and friend just died. He agrees to let her take him to the psychiatric ward. She goes to the holding cell where Ichabod wonders when woman were allowed to wear trousers. How she escaped slavery, etc… Basically everything you can possible say to piss off an African American woman, he says it. Ichabod asks her if the killer had a bow shaped tattoo or burn on his hand. Abbie asks how he could possible know that since she was the only one who saw it. She starts to drive him to the psychiatric ward and on the way there, the priest from the dinner sees him. He looks really scared. Ichabod asks her if she has experienced something that she can’t explain before. She does not answer. Ichabod tells her that he was sure that he shot the horseman and yet it did not even phase him. Abbie then asks him to take her to the cave where he was buried. They arrive at the cave, and they look around. Ichabod finds a bible next to where he was buried. Memories kind of pass before him. We can now see the woman who said that they don’t have much time. Ichabod is lying in some kind of bed and the bible he is holding is pressed against his chest. We also see the priest from the diner in the vision as well. She tells him that he is sorry about not telling him something but this is the only way… He snaps out of it and sees that the there is a book mark in the bible. The book mark points to the Book of Revelations. It is now night time and the horseman has come for the priest at the diner. The priest runs around his church when he finally encounters the horseman. He does kind of magic and chains from the walls shoot out. The horseman breaks with his halberd.. He yells out that he will never tell him where it is. He would rather die. The horseman chops his head off. The police arrive on the scene. Abbie brings Ichabod with and tells him to stay in the car. Her captain is beyond pissed since she disobeyed a direct order. She tells him that he could not have killed the priest since he was with her the whole afternoon. He does not care. They guy who arrested Ichabod tells her that she has distance herself from Ichabod. He advises her that Irchabod will bring her down. The hawk that landed on the Sleepy Hollow sign lands on top of the police car. Ichabod tries to get out but it is difficult since he does not know how to open the door. He finally gets out and starts to follow the hawk. The deputies try to arrest him again but Abbie comes to his rescue. The hawk lands on the grave stone and it happens to be the grave of Katrina Crane. She was burned for practicing witchcraft. Abbie finally takes Ichabod to the mental institution. While there she admits that she has experienced something that she could not explain. When she was child, Abbie and her sister were walking through the woods to go home. Suddenly they felt something that was not quite right. They both saw these 4 white trees and there was some kind of a creature beyond them. The creature made some kind of a noise and they both blacked out. When the police found them, they could not find any white trees and there was no creature. Everyone thought that they had made the whole thing up. She made it through ok but her sister has been in and out of mental institutions since the incident. They wish each other good night and he is locked up in a room. Abbie visits the sheriff’s office. She is looking around and picks up a picture of herself when she graduated the academy. As she picks it up, she hears something rattle around behind. She looks and finds a key hidden in the back of the picture frame. She wanders around his office trying to see what the key might unlock. She then notices this handle on his desk and inserts the key. This huge drawer opens upward and there is a box of files hidden inside. She digs through and it seems that the sheriff was doing some weird investigating on his own. He has found that there seem to be two covenants living in the city. One for good and one for bad as far as he can tell. They have all changed their names and have scattered across the eastern sea board. There are alot un-explained homicides that no one is investigating. He knows that they are connected but he has no idea how. She then finds a file on her incident in the forest. It seems that the 4 white trees and creature have been seen before. In a diary to himself, he says that he wants to go to Abbie with this new information but he does not know how. How can she believe this?? There is also some old looking map of the city with certain things marked off.. The captain suddenly appears and asks what she is doing there. She tells him that she was looking at old case files to see if there is anything useful. She leaves with the map and a few letters. Ichabod is sleeping when the hawk from before lands on the bed frame at the foot of his bed. It flies into the mirror and all of a sudden he is in the woods with Katrina. She tells him that this was the only way she could communicate with him and guide him. She has been imprison somehow. He is the first witness. When he chopped off the horseman’s head, their blood mixed together. The both of them are now connected. When they put that spell on him, they had to put it on both of them. They trapped the horseman’s body in box under the river while they buried him in that cave. He asks her if she is witch. She tells him that she belongs to a covenant sworn to protect Sleepy Hollow from the evil that lies within it. She says that she guided him to the grave stone because that is where the horseman’s head is hidden. He has to find it because if the horseman finds it, the end will begin.. The scene shakes and she says that they have found her. The four white trees appear behind her and the creature Abbie saw appears. She tells him that the horseman cannot survive until morning. She begs him to help free her from her prison. All of the answers are in Washington’s bible. He wakes up flailing around and the nurse and orderlies are trying to calm him down. The nurse is about to inject him with something. Abbie arrives to tell them that he is leaving with her. Ichabod explains to her that it is all in Washington’s bible. The headless horseman is one of the 4 horseman of the apocalypse. Abbie shows him the map she found in the sheriff’s old office. He says that he recognizes the hand writing. It belonged to General Washington. He tells her that he was sent on a secret mission by General Washington. The battle which occurred at the beginning of the show, there was going to be a soldier there. His mission was to kill this soldier. He would know once he saw him because he would be different. He was riding a Pale Horse so therefore, he concludes that he must be Death himself. He also explains he knows what the horseman is after. His own head which has been hidden at the grave site of Katarina Crane. They rush off to the church where they found her grave site the night before. It is now getting dark and we see the horseman rise out of the river. His horse is already by the river side waiting. Abbie radios to her colleague that arrested Crane the day before. He tells her that he has to tell all units to report to the church. She believes the murderer will show up there today. The colleague tells him that she has to stop doing this. It is going to end badly for her. She asks him to trust her. She can’t call it in because no one will believe her and the captain is already not liking her for taking Ichabod to the cave. He finally agrees as he is walking to his apartment. He notices that his door has been kicked in. He takes out his gun. He walks into his apartment and sees that someone has broken into his safe. The headless horseman suddenly rises from his chair. He has a shot gun and machine gun in his hand. Suddenly the deputy tells him he knows where his head is located and that he can help him. It now night time and Ichabod is digging up Katrina’s grave site. His shovel finally hits the coffin and he pulls out a glass jar with a decayed demon head inside. The eyes on the demon head sudden open as the horseman has arrived. His starts to fire off his shot gun at Ichabod and Abbie. Ichabod holds onto the jar and falls into the grave site that he dug up. Abbie falls back to hide on the street. The horseman then takes out his machine gun and starts firing everywhere. The deputy comes up behind Abbie and she asks him where is the backup. He tells her that he called it in but no one is here yet. She turns around and he knocks her out. He takes her to his car and keeps on telling her that he wants to protect her. It can’t be killed because it is Death. Ichabod is now fighting the horseman with a shovel. Pretty funny scene when he tries to hit the horseman on the head with the shovel only to miss because he has no head. =) Abbie kind of wakes up and nearly bites off his thumb. She handcuffs him the door and takes out a shotgun from his police car. She completely unloads on the head less horseman. Ichabod runs toward her and the horseman follows. Finally the rest of the police show up. Ichabod and Abbie runs toward the police cars as the horseman gives chase. Two police guys arrive on the scene to see the headless horseman walking towards them. They are both pretty freaked out. Suddenly the shoulder of the horseman starts to smoke. We see the sun starting to come up. He turns around and talks towards his horse which suddenly appears. He rides away probably back to river. The Captain is beyond angry with Abbie but he has to believe her that a headless horseman is stalking the town. Those two police guys say that they say the same thing as her. The horseman’s head is also in police custody now. The deputy that Abbie bit is also in custody and they want to interview him. The captain asks if she is still leaving for Quantico and she now says that she is staying. She is not running away. We see the deputy sitting in the holding area. Suddenly a door of light opens up and the demon thing behind the four white trees comes out. He starts to beg to have another chance. It says that he has failed him and flips his backward. He is dead now. By the time Ichabod and Abbie arrive, we see the demon walking away through the mirror in the cell. It looks back at her and the mirror breaks. She recognizes that it was the thing that she saw when she was little. Ichabod suddenly takes out the Bible and tells her that them meeting might be destiny. Katrina called him the first witness. The Bible says that there would be two witnesses and the both of them would have to go through 7 years of tribulation. He thinks Abbie is the 2nd witness and therefore, they should work together to stop this.

Watch Sleepy Hollow (2013) Online Free

Watch Sleepy Hollow (2013) Online Free

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Watch Sleepy Hollow (2013) Online Free



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